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Monsters & Masquerades (Issue 6)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to this quarter's issue of Indie Bites! It's packed full of five exclusive short stories from talented indie authors on the themes of Monsters & Masquerades, plus two great indie book reviews from our review team, and an interview with indie author H.L. Macfarlane.

This issue features the following short fiction:

- Glorious Monsters by D.N. Bryn

- Lead Me Not Into Temptation by Josie Jaffrey

- My Granny, The Dragon by Gemma Church

- Behind You by Kristen Brand

- The True Tale of the Sockburn Worm by Nova Warner

And the following reviews:

- Succulents and Spells by Andi C. Buchanan, reviewed by Asha from A Cat, A Book and A Cup of Tea

- A Fate of Wrath and Flame by K.A. Tucker, reviewed by Rosina from Lace and Dagger Books

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About our featured author

H.L. Macfarlane hails from Balmaha by Loch Lomond in Scotland. After studying for eight years at the University of Glasgow and obtaining a BSc (Hons) in genetics and a PhD in synthetic biology, Hayley hung up her lab coat for good and took up a pen. Throughout the process of writing and then publishing her own books she grew to love the publishing industry as a whole, and decided to become a publisher for other people’s stories as well as her own. Alongside writing and publishing, Hayley also designs book covers, takes on art commissions and ghostwrites. Where does she find the time?! Nobody knows…not even her.


Get your copy of Indie Bites

To download your FREE copy of Indie Bites Issue 6, just click on the file format you'd like to download. If you read on Kindle or the Kindle app, you want the MOBI format. If you read on Apple devices or most other e-readers, then you want the EPUB. For all other devices, we recommend the PDF.

Indie Bites 6 MOBI
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You can purchase print copies from Amazon here. We charge only enough to cover print costs, so there's no profit for us.


Contribute to Indie Bites

If you're an indie author or illustrator who'd like to contribute to one of our upcoming issues, then check out our submissions page here.



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