Why Should You Submit?

Indie Bites exists to promote indie authors. If you submit a piece of short fiction and it is accepted into our anthology, not only will we print your work, but we'll also include a brief blurb and purchase link for one of your books immediately after your piece. Since the majority of our audience will be reading on Kindle, this makes it as easy as possible for them to click straight through to buy your book from their device. Every book blogger and illustrator who contributes will have space to plug their work, too. If you don't have any short fiction to submit, you can always submit your book for review instead.

Our podcast records and broadcasts a selection of the short fiction that we publish in the anthology. Voice talent is chosen by the podcast editor, who assigns each story to a reader, who will be credited in the podcast along with the author.

We're a not-for-profit anthology and podcast, so you won't make any direct income from being featured, but if you want to reach a new audience then you've come to the right place. When our readers like your work, we hope you'll see an increase in the sales of your books as a result.


By making our digital anthology and audio free to download, we hope to reach a larger readership than traditional paid-for anthologies. Although it means we can't pay our contributors, it should increase our audience. For those who like a print copy, we offer those too on Amazon at print cost. We're not expecting any profits from sales, but if there are any they will go straight back into marketing and costs.

Upcoming Issues

Submissions are currently open for Issue 3 (August 2021) - SHIFTERS & SHOWBIZ


Future Issues (submissions not yet open)

Issue 4 (November 2021) - FAES & FOES

Issue 5 (February 2022) - GHOSTS & GUILDS

Issue 6 (May 2022) - MONSTERS & MASQUERADES

Issue 7 (August 2022) - REVENANTS & RENEGADES

Submission Requirements