Authors have two options for getting their work featured in Indie Bites: they can either submit a piece of short fiction for publication in one of our issues, or they can submit a book for review by our review team (or both!). 

Short Fiction Submission Requirements

Every quarter, we accept as many short fiction submissions as we can fit in each issue. Please read the requirements below carefully before submitting. Any submissions received that do not conform to these requirements may be deleted. Please note that by sending your submission, you agree to the publication terms below.


We accept submissions of EXCLUSIVE short fiction (poetry or prose) from self-published, hybrid and unpublished authors. We do not accept submissions from or on behalf of minors. Any submissions must be EXCLUSIVE for a limited time (more on this in the Terms of Publication below). Submissions must be in the fantasy genre, in English, no longer than 5,000 words, and must fit within one of the themes of the relevant issue (for example, the themes for Issue 1 are Vampires and Voyages).


We only accept original submissions that are not published elsewhere. Please make sure that your work is as polished as possible before submitting; we do not accept stories that are in need of substantial editing.


To submit your short fiction, please email us at indiebitesanthology[at]gmail[dot]com using the subject line SUBMISSION: [Title] by [your name]. Please include the following in your email:

  • the work you are submitting, attached as a Word document. Please use quotation marks (") rather than inverted commas (') for speech - this is our house style;

  • a short description of why your work is appropriate for this particular issue of the anthology;

  • a one-sentence bio;

  • a two-sentence description of the book you'd like to promote in the anthology;

  • a link to its purchase page; and

  • copy and paste this statement into the body of your email: 'I have read and agree to the Terms of Publication on your website'.

Terms of Publication for Authors

By submitting short fiction to Indie Bites, you agree that the following terms will apply if your submission is accepted:

  • You give Indie Bites permission to publish your submission in digital and print format in our anthology, and to use snippets of your submission in our marketing material, until that permission is withdrawn as described below.

  • You give Indie Bites permission to record and publish your submission in audio format through its podcast Indie Sound Bites, and to use snippets of those recordings for marketing purposes, until that permission is withdrawn as described below. You also agree that the voice talent who perform your submission may use snippets for portfolio or voice-reel purposes.

  • Your submission will, if accepted, be EXCLUSIVE to Indie Bites (i.e. you will not make it available elsewhere, free or otherwise) from the time of submission until three months after the date of publication. After that, you may publish it elsewhere, but please note that back issues of Indie Bites will be available until permissions are withdrawn as described below, so you will not be able to publish your submission with a publishing service that requires exclusivity, like Amazon's KDP Select, until those permissions are withdrawn. If you have previously published your submission (whether through a self-publishing platform or on your own blog) then you must ensure it is not in publication during the period in which it is exclusive to Indie Bites.

  • After two years have passed since the publication of your submission in an issue of Indie Bites, you can withdraw the permissions you have given us. You might wish to do this in order to publish your submission via KDP Select or another publisher that requires exclusivity. To withdraw those permissions, please give three months' notice by email to the anthology editor at indiebitesanthology[at]gmail[dot]com stating your name, the name of your submission and the issue in which it was published. Assuming that the relevant issue has already been in publication for at least two years, we will then do all or some of the following (in each case at your option):

    • arrange for the print edition to be taken out of print;

    • amend the digital copy of the issue to remove your submission from it (you will still be listed as a former contributor to that issue); and

    • if your submission has been recorded for our podcast, delete the relevant episode.

  • You confirm that your submission is not published elsewhere. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please keep us updated about the publication status of your work because we will not publish work that appears in another publication during our three-month exclusivity period (see above).

  • You confirm that your submission is your own original work, that its submission to or publication by Indie Bites will not contravene any third party’s rights (including intellectual property rights, right of privacy or confidentiality, or rights in contract), and that it will not contain any content which is defamatory or otherwise unlawful in any way. If Indie Bites is threatened with or subject to any third party claim arising from the submission or publication of your work, you will indemnify Indie Bites against all costs or damages arising from that claim.

  • You acknowledge that you are not entitled to any royalties from sales of Indie Bites. While we hope that the inclusion of your work in Indie Bites will increase your sales, we cannot guarantee any particular sales increase resulting from its inclusion.

  • These terms, and any claim in connection with their subject matter, will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

If your submission is not accepted, then you don't grant us any rights to your work and we won't make any use of it.

Review Request Submission Requirements

We consider physical copies, ebooks, and audiobooks for review. Please read the requirements below carefully before submitting. Any submissions received that do not conform to these requirements may be deleted.


To submit your book to us for review, please email us at indiebitesreviews[at]hotmail[dot]com using the subject line SUBMISSION: [Title] by [your name]. Please include the following in your email:

  • your book's blurb;

  • a link to your book, preferably with a ‘Look Inside’ available. If 'Look Inside' is not available, please include a sample of up to 1000 words, pasted into the body of your email (we do not open text attachments);

  • a list of the book formats you can offer our reviewers;

  • a short description of why your work is appropriate for the issue for which you are submitting it.

Do not send a copy of your book before we have agreed to receive it. If we agree to take a copy of your book for review, we will match you to the most appropriate reviewer. Please note that some of our reviewers cannot use ebooks, so offering ebook only may restrict your chances of finding an available reviewer. 

Please note that we will only accept a book for review if it would be a good match for at least one of our reviewers.


We do not guarantee a review even if we accept your book. We are here to support and promote indie authors, so we will only provide a review if we have enjoyed the book. 

We will only accept books that are finished and currently published or have a fixed publication date within three months of the release date of our issue.