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Elves & Etiquette (Issue 11)

Welcome to this quarter's issue of Indie Bites! It's packed full of seven exclusive short stories from indie authors on the themes of Elves & Etiquette, plus an interview with indie author A.J. Lancaster.

This issue features the following short fiction:

- The Wisdom of Stars by Talli L. Morgan

- An Arm and a Web by Ceril N. Domace

- Gossip Games by Ash Parker

- An Education in Etiquette by J. VanZile

- For the Record by Adie Hart

- A Quiet Life by Josie Jaffrey

- Wishing Well by Gemma Church

In these pages you’ll find everything from perfectly-poised fantasy of manners stories, to thoughtful explorations of feminism and queerness, to fun adventures with giant spiders and orange kittens.

Our seven stories this quarter run the gamut from rom-com to epic fantasy and beyond, so we hope there’s something here for all tastes.

So let’s brush up on our etiquette. There’s plenty here to sink your teeth into.

Get your copy FREE below.


About our featured author

Growing up in rural New Zealand, AJ Lancaster escaped chores by hiding up trees reading books. AJ wrote in the same way as breathing – constantly and without thinking much of it – so it took many years and accumulating a pile of manuscripts to connect this activity to ‘being a writer’. Along the way, AJ collected a degree in science, worked in environmental planning, and became an editor.

Now ensconced in a house with two cats and a wide variety of houseplants, AJ writes and indie publishes romantic, whimsical fantasy books. The Lord of Stariel is the first novel in the now-complete Stariel Quartet.

In 2021, AJ Lancaster received the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent, New Zealand’s preeminent awards for science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Check out AJ’s books at


Get your copy of Indie Bites

To download your FREE copy of Indie Bites Issue 11, just click on the file format you'd like to download. If you read on Apple devices or most other e-readers, then you want the EPUB. If you read on an older Kindle, you might want the MOBI format. For all other devices, we recommend the PDF.

Indie Bites 11 EPUB
Download EPUB • 1.35MB
Indie Bites 11 PDF
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Indie Bites 11 MOBI
Download MOBI • 2.83MB

You can purchase print copies from Amazon here. We charge only enough to cover print costs, so there's no profit for us. This quarter Amazon have significantly increased their print costs, so the prices are a little higher than normal and will be for subsequent issues too.


Contribute to Indie Bites

If you're an indie author or illustrator who'd like to contribute to one of our upcoming issues, then check out our submissions page here.



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