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YA Special Issue

Welcome to this very special issue of Indie Bites to celebrate Camp YA 2023, featuring all our favourite YA stories and poetry from the past 10 issues of Indie Bites.

This issue features the following short fiction:

- The Exsparrowment of Evander Hale by Adie Hart

- Here Be Salt and Dragons by Lila Gwynn

- Dead Road Rules by Josie Jaffrey

- The Two Henrys and the Tailor by Gemma Church

- Count Tiberius the Third by Claudie Arseneault

- Persephone's Daughters by Charlotte L Oakeby

- A Midsummer Night's Demon by Alice James

- Rules for Seafaring Souls by Rebecca Crunden

- The Last New Bloods by Laura Jayne McLoughlin

These pieces have been specially selected from our first ten issues, featuring a good dose of shape-shifting enchantment, a dash of underwater romance and a horde of apocalyptic zombies. Whether you’re fond of mermaids, magicians or mythology, you’ll find a little something in this issue for you.

Get your copy FREE below.


Get your copy of Indie Bites

To download your FREE copy of Indie YA Bites, just click on the file format you'd like to download. If you read on Apple devices or most other e-readers, then you want the EPUB. If you read on an older Kindle, you might want the MOBI format. For all other devices, we recommend the PDF.

Indie Bites 10.5 EPUB
Download EPUB • 505KB
Indie Bites 10.5 MOBI
Download MOBI • 1.39MB
Indie Bites 10.5 PDF
Download PDF • 1.53MB

Contribute to Indie Bites

If you're an indie author or illustrator who'd like to contribute to one of our upcoming issues, then check out our submissions page here.



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